Retail Solutions

Retail is where PC Place began 20 years ago and we still hold true to our roots.

The question is always, “What makes PC Place different?” ¬†Well the answer is above, PC Place is different as it has been in business in Saskatchewan for twenty years and has retained its core team from the beginning. This allows PC Place to provide true customer service with the experience to back it up.

While PC Place has brought on board some amazing Tier 1 partners such as Lenovo, Toshiba and Acer, we continue to work with enthusiast clients to custom build computer systems, whether they be for hardcore gamers, graphic designers or anyone else requiring a unique and powerful system.

In our showrooms, PC Place carries many, many different systems and accessories. In addition to this, if we don’t have the solution in stock and on hand, we can special order it for you at no extra charge and often have it here the next day. A common request is matching of system components to the specific brands, for example: batteries, RAM modules and more.

At PC Place our team is looking to provide you with solutions that meet your needs, not to just sell you an item.