Onsite Support

Are you in need of an IT team…. look no further, we’re ready to help!

PC Place shines when providing a small or medium business access to an IT team. Our goal is to build a relationship with your business where we understand your IT needs and how they drive and impact your business. Many businesses face the decision of hiring an IT staff, however unless a team is hired, outsourcing is still required during holiday time, sick time and the need for more than a single technician for a given project. PC Place provides that team for you without the overhead of another staff member.

Our technicians have years of experience working with network and business environment, both large and small. Some with more than 15 years of experience in the technical field.

Our business and our technicians understand that email and internet access are vital to today’s modern business and we can supply you with systems and tools to limit outages to the smallest windows possible. To that end we can also provide your business with access to offsite backups,┬ásystem monitoring and email continuity services to provide as much advance notice before a problem occurs as possible.

If your business is one where privacy is of great concern, we can provide access to email and backup systems hosted within Canadian borders. We also work with our customer to ensure they are compliant with any regulations that your data may fall under.

Whether you are in need of an IT team to work with your business of 1 or 100 staff, give us a call and we would love to begin a relationship with you.


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