Off-Lease HP Elite 8200 Bundle

With an Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 1 Year Warranty... oh did we mention it comes with a 22" LCD monitor?? $399.00 Each while quantities last. This package is available at all PC Place stores. If you are interested in purchasing more than one for your home, your business or for friends, let us know because volume discounts are available.

PC Place has been in business in Saskatchewan since 1994 and has seen the IT business evolve and grow over the years. While the business has become more and more competitive, PC Place has continued to be a leader in customer service and client relationships.

While PC Place started as a company focused exclusively on the home computer, PC Place now supports additional sectors as well with the addition of a small business support team and a location at the University of Regina to meet the educational needs of both the University and the neighboring SIAST campus.

The goal for PC Place as a company is to continue to be visible as an entity that strives for excellence in customer relationships by understanding our clients computer needs and providing solutions that address these needs most efficiently.